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banner image is a shin-hanga woodblock print with Mt Fuji on the background, the text says: Japanese Art and Antiques, Explore a wide range of Japanese items via our catalogue.
Image of woodblock print production items: Chisels, a baren, a woodblock, multiple brushes.

Woodblock Print (Ukiyo-e) Production

Traditionally, woodblock printing used to be a collaborative process between an artist, carver, printer and publisher. The artist would create the initial brush drawing, select colours and determine their placement within the print. This would be passed on to the carver who would meticulously carve a relief into several wooden blocks. Consolidated, these blocks would create a cohesive image, as a separate woodblock is required for each colour in woodblock printing...

About Inro and Netsuke

Sagemono is a collective term describing all types of containers and pouches that could be suspended from one’s belt, which were often accompanied by a cord fastener (ojime) and a toggle (netsuke).

Inro are small containers that could be roughly described as the handbags or pouches of ancient Japan. They had both practical and aesthetic value. Though they usually were square, round or polygonal in shape, a variety of special animal shapes also exist. Over time, these containers came to be extremely luxurious...

Image of two inro on a tabletop.

Japanese Art Highlights

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About Us 


Japanese Gallery Kensington holds one of the largest collections of Japanese Art and Antiques. Browse our catalogue for original woodblock prints, exquisite ceramics, lacquerware, inro, netsuke, Japanese swords, sword accessories and more.

Established in 1977, the gallery is currently located in the world renowned antiques district of Kensington, at the heart of London. Entering the gallery is like visiting a museum, except it is possible to hold the objects that fascinate you in your hands. We regularly advise and assist in authentication for museums, auction houses and educational institutions.

Through the beauty of Japanese art and antiques, the Japanese Gallery promotes and exhibits a wide selection of Japanese craftsmanship. We house a variety of contemporary art, as well as showcasing traditional woodblock print ukiyo-e. We also stock several different art objects. These range from ceramics such as Satsuma, Izumo, Imari, Kakiemon wares, to wood carvings of netsuke and Noh masks, lacquerware, Suzuri-bako, Inro, Yoroi, Katana and Tanto.

Currently, the Japanese Gallery is known for having the widest collection of Japanese art online, particularly Japanese woodblock print ukiyo-e and Japanese original anime cel-ga.


Our social media provides regular news, updates and educational posts about Japanese art and culture. Clients can keep up to date on Japanese Gallery’s Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube.

Japanese Gallery also organises live events and exhibitions in collaboration with embassies, museums, and corporations. For those that are interested in keeping up to date with relevant news and information you can follow us on social media as well as sign up to our newsletter.

Shipping Information


Japanese Gallery endeavours to continually make learning and collecting accessible to all using our ecommerce platform. All items on our website are fully vetted and authenticity guaranteed, providing peace of mind when purchasing any artwork.

Orders placed through Japanese Gallery Kensington are processed Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm GMT (excluding bank holidays) and are shipped 1-3 business days from when the order was placed, pending payment authorisation and verification.

All orders are shipped using DHL Express service free of charge.

Payment methods accepted: 

Payment methods accepted: visa, mastercard maestro, american express, jcb, visa electron

Packaging materials.
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Japanese Art Consignment

For those interested selling their Japanese art, please visit our auction platform.

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Guide to Standard Woodblock Print Sizes


Hosho paper (奉書紙) is a washi (和紙) paper made of mulberry tree bark fibres and was commonly used for the production of Japanese woodblock prints. It was strong enough to withstand the pressure of a tool called the baren (馬連) when it was rubbed over the paper, but was soft enough to allow pigment to penetrate it.

Japanese woodblock prints, also known as ukiyo-e, have traditionally been made in specific sizes and formats based on the typical dimensions of...


Image of someone using a baren to produce a woodblock print.
Ukiyo-e landscape print by Katsushika Hokusai.

While prints of beauties (bijinga) and actors (yakusha-e) were popular ukiyo-e genres in Edo, Hokusai distinguished himself through intricate landscapes...

Beauty print (bijin-ga) by the shin-hanga Japanese artist Shinsui Ito.

Shinsui Ito is one of the most significant shin-hanga artists as one of the last to be influenced by the traditional ukiyo-e style, particularly in the subject of bijin-ga...

Print by Keinen Imao depicting birds and flowers (kacho-ga).

Keinen's favored subjects are of flowers, birds (kacho-ga) and landscapes. He was probably the most famous painter of this period (early 1900) within Japan...

Print by Yoshitora Utagara depicting a tattooed kabuki actor (yakusha-e).

Yoshitora was a pupil of Kuniyoshi. After being expelled due to artistic differences, he begun producing prints of warriors, kabuki, beauties, and foreigners (Yokohama-e)...

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Restoration services are provided by the Japanese Gallery depending on the item. This service is strictly limited to Japanese woodblock prints ukiyo-e only. We do not provide or recommend any other service providers of restoration. Services provided by third parties may not adhere to Japanese Gallery’s standards or the satisfaction of the client.

Japanese gallery also has an auction department, JG auction, where a vendor can sell their Japanese works of art through this platform. JG auction will provide cataloguing, digital imaging, and a guide price for the item in question including a reserve price that is agreed with the vendor, the item will be submitted into the next nearest auction date where appropriate.

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List of organisations supported by Japanese Gallery: Japan Art Expo, Lapada, Token Society, The Japan Society, Japan-UK Season of culture, YoungGuns