A Two-case Circular Inro with Dragons, Lacquerware

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

A two-case circular inro with dragons.

A two-case inro of circular form worked in takamaki-e. The figures of two dragons are shown writhing among clouds on both sides. One of the dragons is grasping the sacred pearl, known to be a symbol of good luck, prosperity, wisdom and truth. The interior is in nashi-ji lacquer, the first compartment with dual cases. The sides are decorated with a band of shippo. Shippo is a series of geometric design combining four ellipses in a circle in a way that the lines inside make more circles. The name is originated from 'shippo', which means precious stones in Buddhism. With ojime bead.

Date: early 19th century
Size: 7.0 (diametre) x 1.9 cm
Condition: A few cracks, chipped lacquer on the first case. Minor restoration done on the lid.

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Dimensions 7.0 (diametre) x 1.9 cm
Product Date early 19th century