Hogan Fujiwara, Fudo-myoo, Hanging Scroll


Original Japanese hanging scroll.

Artist: Hogan Fujiwara Akichika
Description: Fudo-myoo. Kakejiku (vertical hanging scroll), ink and colours on silk in silk mounts.
Date: late 19th century
Condition: Overall - Horizontal creasing, tear in top left, minor spots. Image - Horizontal creasing.
Size: Overall - 166 x 49.5 cm. Image - 83.5 x 33 cm

Fudo-myoo (The Immovable One), is the central figure of the five myo and the most venerated in Japanese esoteric Buddhism. Surrounded by flames and sat on a rock, in his right hand Fudo holds a flaming sword called kurikara, which he uses to subjugate evil spirits and sever the thread of ignorance. In his left hand, Fudo carries a rope used to draw in demons and drag non-believers toward true knowledge. Despite his intimidating attributes and ugliness, the essential nature of Fudo is compassionate and represents goodness, the fulfillment of ancient laws and traditions, and punishment for criminals.

More Information
Print FormatKakemono-e (Scroll)
SubjectGhosts & Religion
SizeOverall - 166 x 49.5 cm. Image - 83.5 x 33 cm