Koson Ohara, Eagle with Outspread Wings, Kacho-ga


Artist: Koson Ohara (1877-1945)
Title: Eagle with Outspread Wings
Date: Early 20th century
Size: 18.8 x 34.7 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Ohara Koson was a prolific printmaker of the twentieth century widely known for his kacho-ga, bird and flower prints. During his study with Kason, he took his artist name Koson, a partial adaptation of his teacher's name. Early in his career, many of Koson’s prints were muted in colour and captured a sense of calmness and elegance. Koson’s depiction of birds are very realistic, the details of body and feathers in particular were always depicted with meticulous care. In this print, an eagle with outspread wings, perched on a tree branch, is ready to launch its attack on a prey below.

More Information
Print FormatOtanzakuban
SubjectAnimals & Birds
Size18.8 x 34.7 cm
Condition ReportTrimmed. Some wear on the edges and light crease at the top.