Torii Kotondo, Kumadori, Kabuki Make-up, Hanging Scroll


Artist: Torii Kotondo (1900-1976)
Title: Kumadori. Kabuki Make-up.
Description: Kakejiku (vertical hanging scroll), ink and colours on silk in silk mounts. With original wooden box.
Date: 20th century
Size: Overall - 200 x 55 cm. Image - 108.5 x 41 cm

Original Japanese hanging scroll.

Kabuki characters are often drawn from Japanese folklore, and a major part of the Kabuki performance is the dramatic makeup worn by the actors. This makeup is applied heavily to create a brightly painted mask that uses colors in symbolic ways to indicate the age, gender, and class of each character, as well as their moods and personalities.

Kumadori is made up of dramatic lines and shapes applied in different colors, each representing different qualities. The most commonly used colors are dark red, which represents anger, passion, or cruelty, and dark blue, which represents sadness or depression. Other common colors are pink representing youth or cheerfulness, light blue or green representing calm, purple for nobility, brown for selfishness, and black for fear. There are about a hundred different mask-like styles of kumadori makeup.

More Information
Print FormatKakemono-e (Scroll)
SubjectKabuki Theatre
SizeOverall - 200 x 55 cm. Image - 108.5 x 41 cm
Condition ReportOverall - Very good. Image - Light foxing.