Wooden Netsuke, Sleeping Lady Watched by Demons, Original Japanese Antique


Title: Wooden netsuke of a sleeping lady watched by two demons
Date: 19th century
Dimensions: (H) 4.1 x (W) 3.9 x (D) 3 cm

Original Japanese antique.

This netsuke is made entirely out of wood and depicts a sleeping lady being watched by two oni (demons). Her long hair is loose and her eyebrows are carved high above on her forehead, suggesting her noble background. The screen behind her shows a landscape with a moon in the top right corner. One of the demons is peaking from the right-hand side, while the second one is standing on top of a drum and leaning over the top of the screen. Both demons have fierce grins that show their wild and mischievous nature.

More Information
Size(H) 4.1 x (W) 3.9 x (D) 3 cm
Condition ReportWell-worn with external areas showing aged wood patina. Residue in harder to reach areas. Small crack top of the screen.
SubjectGhosts & Religion
Product Date19th century