Yoshikawa Kanpo, Maiko, Kimono Pattern


Artist: Yoshikawa Kanpo (1894-1979)
Title: Maiko Admiring the Moon
Publisher: Sato Shotaro
Date: 1930
Dimensions: 27.6 x 47.7 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Yoshikawa Kanpo is a Kyoto-born ukiyo-e artist whose Shin Hanga (new prints) were enormously successful. His publisher, Sato Shotaro, was in constant competition with Tokyo-based Watanabe Shozaburo but never quite reached the same level of output. Aside from being an accomplished woodblock print artist, Yoshikawa was a notable scholar with an interest in traditional Edo culture such as kabuki theatre, music, and of course ukiyo-e. In his later life, he devoted himself wholly to writing about these topics and only designed prints on commission.


In this print, a maiko (apprentice geisha) gazes at the moon, which is invisible to the viewer. The colour of her kimono perfectly mimics the hues of the night sky.

More Information
Print FormatOban (Vertical)
SubjectBeauty & Female, Kimono Design
Size27.6 x 47.7 cm