Yoshikazu Utagawa, Minamoto no Yorimitsu Encountering Monsters


Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Yoshikazu Utagawa (act. 1850–1870)
Title: Minamoto no Yorimitsu Encountering Monsters in the Mountains
Publisher: Tsujiokaya Bunsuke
Date: c. 1847-1852
Dimensions: (L) 24.8 x 36.9 (C) 24.7 x 36.8 (R) 24.8 x 37 cm
Condition: Binding holes. Some pin holes. Partly soiled.


A great battle is happening in the forest. Grotesquely coiling down a pine tree, a giant snake has met its match with a black bear. The muscular animal manages to halt the snake's large jaw and sharp fangs, violently stretching them back until bloods pours forth. The onlookers are Minamoto no Yorimitsu along with his legendary retainers, the Four Guardian Kings. Their pursuit of the infamous bandit, Hakamadare Yasusuke, has led them into the depths of this mountain forest. Practised in the arcane arts, the villain conjures up this monstrous spectacle to distract his pursuers. Yorimitsu, a warrior noted for his military might and demon slaying, must now strategise how best to bypass this surreal encounter before him.

Yoshikazu Utagawa (act. 1850 - 1870)

Yoshikazu started his artistic career as a pupil of Kuniyoshi Utagawa. Later on, he designed prints in the Yokohama school style, his subject matter including foreign customs and manners as well as landscapes and warriors.

More Information
Print FormatTriptych
ArtistYoshikazu Utagawa (act. 1850 - 1870)
SubjectSamurai & Male, Landscapes, Animals & Birds
Size(L) 24.8 x 36.9 cm (C) 24.7 x 36.8 cm (R) 24.8 x 37 cm
publisherTsujiokaya Bunsuke:1814-1896