Beisaku Taguchi, Manchurian with Make-up Staring out to the Sea


Artist: Beisaku Taguchi (1864-1903)
Title: Manchurian with Make-up Staring out to the Sea
Series title: The First Sino and Japanese War
Publisher: Inoue Kichijiro
Size: (L) 35.7 x 23.4, (C) 35.3 x 23.6, (R) 35.7 x 23.6 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Beisaku Taguchi

Beisaku Taguchi is an ukiyo-e artist who was active in the Meiji Period. Born in Tochigi, he learns the basics of painting under Nakamura Banzan of the Shijo Maruyama school. When he was thirteen, he became an apprentice to Kiyochika Kobayashi (1847-1915), who is an ukiyo-e artist. Under Kiyochika's guidance, he produced many caricatures called Ponchi-e, as his first artistis debut, as a Japanese woodblock print artist. He became known for his artworks which depicts the Sino-Japanese War. His notable body of works include "Japanese Soldiers Attacking the Gate of Genbu in Pyongyang" and "The General Scouting in Heavy Snow".

Despite the government commissioning multiple propaganda images by Beisaku Taguchi, who produced dynamic depictions of the war, he became famous not the propaganda images but for depictions of the somber day and life of a soldier on the front line.



More Information
Print FormatTriptych
ArtistBeisaku Taguchi
SubjectWar, Others
Dimensions(L) 35.7 x 23.4, (C) 35.3 x 23.6, (R) 35.7 x 23.6 cm
Condition ReportTrimmed, minor edge wear, title attached on top centre panel.