Bairei Kono, Blackkite and Ginkgo


Artist: Bairei Kono (1844-1895)
Title: Blackkite and Ginkgo
Series title: Bairei Picture Album of One Hundred birds
Publisher: Okura Magobei
Date: c.1881
Size: (R) 35.3 x 23.7cm, (L) 35.2 x 24.4cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Bairei Kono

Bairei Kono, ukiyo-e artist (Japanese woodblock print), also known as Bairei Yasuda, was born in Kyoto and spent his life as a painter, book illustrator, and art teacher. He is famous for woodblock prints, especially the Kacho-ga (images of birds and flowers), as well as Japanese style paintings. In his youth, he studied under Raisho Nakajima of the Maruyama school and then, with the master's permission, went on to apprentice with Bunrin Shiokawa of the Shijo school, both schools were leading the Kyoto art scene during that period. The most notable feature of Bairei's style incorporates the Western influences of realism, along with traditional techniques of the Maruyama-Shijo school.

He was well-known as an educator, being a key figure in establishing the first modern art institution, currently called Kyoto City University of Arts. He had made a significant contribution to building the foundation of the contemporary art scene. His students include Kikuchi Hobun, Taniguchi Kokyo, Takeuchi Seiho, and Tsuji Kako, who went on to become established artists.



More Information
Print FormatDiptych
ArtistBairei Kono
SubjectAnimal & Birds
Dimensions(R) 35.3 x 23.7cm, (L) 35.2 x 24.4cm
Condition ReportMinor paper thinning.