Small Satsuma Bowl with Birds, Flowers and Butterflies, Early 20th century


Title: Small Satsuma Bowl with Birds, Flowers and Butterflies
Artist/Kiln: Fujisan (bottom signature)
Date: early 20th century

Original Japanese satsuma bowl.

Typical Meiji Satsuma is a creamy glazed earthenware, covered with miniature decorative motifs, such as women, samurai, Japanese gods or immortals, as well as flowers, animals and landscapes. These images were elaborately produced by hand: painted in enamel, glazed, gilded, and finally fired in a kiln.

Characterized by detailed landscapes and decorative motifs, satsuma ceramics were a new form of intricate artwork. The early artworks were so detailed that one would need the aid of a magnification glass to appreciate the fine miniature paint-work.

More Information
Dimensions 2.9 x 7 x 7 cm
Condition Report Minor gilts wear, hairline.
SubjectAnimal & Birds, Flowers & Botanical
Product DateEarly 20th century.