Choki Eishosai, Harvesting Crops, Edo Era


Artist: Choki Eishosai (1725-1795)
Title: Harvesting Crops
Publisher: Not Sealed
Date: c.1780s
Size: 17.4 x 22.5 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Choki Eishosai

Eishosai Choki, also known as Momokawa Choki, was a designer of ukiyo-e style Japanese woodblock prints who was active from about 1786 to 1808. He is known for his images of bijin (beautiful women) who are shown as lithe and slender. Choki, along with Utamaro, was a pupil of Toriyama Sekien (1712–1788). He was possibly the adopted son of Sekien, although the details of his life are unclear.


Along with his bijin-ga, Choki was also proficient in hashira-e (pillar prints) and kachō-e (bird and flower prints).

More Information
Print FormatChuban
ArtistChoki Eishosai
SubjectBeauty & Female
Dimensions17.4 x 22.5 cm
Condition ReportTrimmed, wear, discolouration, soiling, glue residue, restoration at the top, paper residue on the back.