Toshikata Mizuno, Viewing a Waterfall, Women of the Jokyo Era, The Thirty-six Elegant Selections


Artist: Toshikata Mizuno (1866-1908)
Title: Viewing a Waterfall - Women of the Jokyo Era
Series title: The Thirty-six Elegant Selections
Publisher: Akiyama Buemon
Date: 1893
Size: 36.3 x 24.1 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Toshikata Mizuno

Toshikata's position in the history of Japanese print is an interesting one, acting almost as a bridge between traditional ukiyo-e and modern Japanese print. He was one of the best students of Yoshitoshi, who succeeded in blending the traditional ukiyo-e style with Western realism. Toshikata later took on Kaburagi Kiyokata as a pupil, who was to become the teacher of Ito Shinsui, Kawase Hasui and Kasamatsu Shiro, the artists who would lead the Shin Hanga (New Print) movement - the renaissance of Japanese woodblock print.

More Information
Print FormatOban (Vertical)
ArtistToshikata Mizuno
SubjectBeauty & Female, Landscapes
Dimensions36.3 x 24.1 cm
Condition ReportSoiling, minor pinholes, bottom left margin slightly worn-out, stains on the back.