Kokunimasa Utagawa, Victory of Japanese Army at Pyongyang


Artist: Kokunimasa (act. 1889-1910s)
Title: Victory of Japanese Army at Pyongyang
Series title: The First Sino-Japanese War
Publisher: Fukuda Kumajiro
Date: 1894
Size: (L) 36 x 23.6cm, (C) 35.8 x 23.7cm, (R) 36 x 23.6cm


Original Japanese woodblock print.

Kokunimasa Utagawa

Kokunimasa Utagawa was an Ukiyo-e artists born into the long lineage of the Utagawa school. He was the eldest son of Baido Hosai, also known as Utagawa Kundisada III. He studied under his father in the Utagawa school style and tradition, his works reflecting the old style of woodblock print making. He continued in this traditional style of ukiyo-e, even as the rise of Shin-Hanga in the 1910s began changing the landscape of Japanese prints. Kokunimasa used the pseudonym Baido Kokunimasa from 1889 to 1896, but after 1891, he also used Kunimasa V as a signature. He is best known for prints of the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars.

More Information
Print FormatTriptych
ArtistKokunimasa Utagawa
Dimensions(L) 36 x 23.6cm, (C) 35.8 x 23.7cm, (R) 36 x 23.6cm
Condition ReportPaper residue on back (partial backing on left and right panels, paper thinning and holes.
LocationIn Store, AD