Paul Jacoulet, Le Mandarin Aux Lunettes, Mandchoukuo


Artist: Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960)
Title: Le Mandarin Aux Lunettes, Mandchoukuo
Date: 1950
Size: 45.3 x 36 cm


Original woodblock print.

Paul Jacoulet

Paul Jacoulet was a Parisian-born woodblock print artist that based himself in Japan for most of his life. He combined traditional ukiyo-e style and his own techniques to create the unique style Jacoulet is known for. He is considered one of the few Western artists recognised in Japan to have mastered the art of woodblock printing. His work is almost exclusively portraiture centred around indigenous peoples and their traditional dress. This made his work not only artistically but also anthropologically interesting.


In his personal life, Jacoulet was an eccentric gay man at a time when it was not acceptable to be so. His flamboyance is reflected in his works, as well as his cosmopolitan, well-travelled lifestyle. He shamelessly promoted himself, sending his work to famous people of all varieties.

More Information
Print FormatDai-Oban
ArtistPaul Jacoulet
Dimensions45.3 x 36 cm
Condition ReportTrimmed top edge.