A Four-case Inro with Landscape Motif, Lacquerware, 19th century


A four-case inro with landscape motif.

Date: c. 19th century
Size: (H) 6.6 x (W) 5.8 x (D) 1.7 cm

Original Japanese antique.

A four case inro decorated in gold lacquer ground, takamaki-e and hiramaki-e, with pavilions, pine trees, bridges, and boats in a tree-lined river scene. The inside compartments are covered with dense nashiji lacquer (fine gold flecks). With agate ojime bead.

More Information
Dimensions(H) 6.6 x (W) 5.8 x (D) 1.7 cm
Condition ReportSome scratches and gilt fading. Chipped lacquer on the sides and cord channels.
Product Datec. 19th century