A Four-case Inro with Parrot, Lacquerware, 19th century


A four-case inro with gold lacquer ground, decorated in hiramaki-e and takamaki-e. The interior is in nashi-ji lacquer. 

Date: 19th century
Size: (H) 9.3 x (W) 5.8 (D) 2.0 cm

Original Japanese antique.

One side shows a parrot perched on a branch, surrounded by peony flowers. Also known as the ‘King of Flowers’, the peony is a Japanese flower that is used as a symbol of good fortune, bravery, and honour. Usually known as talkative birds, parrots are a symbol of 'telling the truth'. Paired with peony flowers, this inro must have been a treasured possession showing the frank personality of its owner.

More Information
Dimensions(H) 9.3 x (W) 5.8 (D) 2.0 cm
Condition ReportChipped lacquer on the edge of the cases. Wear on the edges. Restoration on one of the cord channels (bottom).
SubjectAnimal & Birds
Product Date19th century