Chikanobu Yoshu, Cherry Blossom Viewing, Chiyoda Palace

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Chikanobu Yoshu (1838-1912)
Title: Cherry Blossom Viewing
Series: The Inner Palace of Chiyoda
Publisher: Fukuda Hatsujiro
Date: 1894
Size: (R) 25.3 x 35.4, (C) 23.5 x 35.4, (L) 25.2 x 35.3 cm
Condition report: Vertical folds on the margins, some rubbed paper areas, minor creases, spots, ink and water stains, slightly worn-out corners.


In triptychs depicting Court Ladies, Chikanobu focuses on the day to day activities of the women who resided in the secluded palace. As a ‘beauty’ series, the focus is on the women and their clothes, with detailed patterned kimonos being a prominent feature of many of the prints. The ladies of the palace are depicted in a wide range of situations and activities, from writing poetry, to watching the cherry blossom, even to combat training, as it was required for the ladies of a castle to be able to defend their home as a last resort.


Charming spring landscape with Mt. Fuji visible in the distance - court ladies enjoy their time among the blossoming cherry trees. They stroll in groups enjoying the view or play merrily the game called 'blind man’s buff'. In the foreground, the top of a screen is visible, protecting the women from the sight of outsiders and providing privacy.

More Information
Print Format Triptych
Artist Name Chikanobu Yoshu
Title Cherry Blossom Viewing
Subject Beauty & Female, Landscapes, Kimono Design, Flowers & Botanical
Dimensions (R) 25.3 x 35.4, (C) 23.5 x 35.4, (L) 25.2 x 35.3 cm
Series Court Ladies of the Chiyoda Palace
Publisher Fukuda Kumajiro, Hatsujiro