Chikanobu Yoshu, Cherry Blossoms at Sumida, Kimono Design

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Chikanobu Yoshu (1838-1912)
Title: Cherry Blossoms at Sumida
Publisher: Takekawa
Date: c.1890s
Size: (R)25 x 35.9 (C)25 x 35.9 (L)25 x 35.9 cm
Condition: Vertical fold marks along the edges. Red pigment transfer, light stains and slight misregistration. Some paper residue on top margins.

Cherry blossom viewing ('hanami') was and still is a favourite pastime for the Japanese people. It is an ancient tradition of enjoying the transitory beauty of these delicate flowers. Although originally limited to the Imperial Court members, it promptly spread to samurai and by the Edo period, commoners started celebrating this poetic tradition.

In this image, a group of ladies and children admire the Spring view along the Sumida River, with cherry trees in full bloom. On this occasion, ladies are clothed in decorative, flower-themed kimono, matching the occasion. In the distance, Mount Fuji towers over the horizon.

More Information
Print Format Triptych
Artist Name Chikanobu Yoshu
Title Cherry Blossoms at Sumida
Subject Beauty & Female, Landscapes, Kimono Design
Dimensions (R)25 x 35.9 (C)25 x 35.9 (L)25 x 35.9 cm
Publisher Takekawa Unosuke