Chikanobu Yoshu, Chiyoda Palace, Mountain Village Teahouse

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Chikanobu Yoshu (1838-1912)
Title: Mountain Village Teahouse
Series: The Inner Palace of Chiyoda
Publisher: Fukuda Hatsujiro
Date: 1896
Size: (L) 37.0 x 25.1, (C) 37.1 x 25.1, (R) 37.0 x 25.1 cm
Condition report: Some stains, slightly worn-out edges. Very light creases. 


In triptychs depicting Court Ladies, Chikanobu focuses on the day to day activities of the women who resided in the secluded palace. As a ‘beauty’ series, the focus is on the women and their clothes, with detailed patterned kimonos being a prominent feature of many of the prints. The ladies of the palace are depicted in a wide range of situations and activities, from writing poetry, to watching the cherry blossom, even to combat training, as it was required for the ladies of a castle to be able to defend their home as a last resort.


As the noble ladies were not allowed to leave the inner compound of the castle, a garden area designed to resemble various places was created for them.
Here, in a quiet mountainous countryside region, women are amused by a rooster fight. Their exquisitely detailed kimono creates a strong contrast with the simple village landscape. In the background, the thatched-roof teahouse is situated near a plank bridge. The specifically designed garden is an area where the wealthy can experience the modest pleasures of peasant life.

More Information
Print Format Triptych
Artist Name Chikanobu Yoshu
Title Mountain Village Teahouse
Subject Beauty & Female, Landscapes, Kimono Design
Dimensions (L) 37.0 x 25.1, (C) 37.1 x 25.1, (R) 37.0 x 25.1 cm
Series Court Ladies of the Chiyoda Palace
Publisher Fukuda Kumajiro, Hatsujiro