Dai Nippon Kozan Zo, Satsuma Tea Bowl, 19th century

Artist: Kozan
Title:  A Thousand Butterflies Tea Bowl
Date: Meiji Period (1868-1912)
Dimensions: (W)12.2 (D) 12.2 (D) 8 cm

Original Japanese antique.
A tea bowl painted with chrysanthemums, stylised flowers and ‘a thousand butterflies’ motif. Signed on the base in a gilt square 'Dai Nippon Kozan Zo.

Kozan has created a sense of dynamism in this decorative work through the gentle unfurling of diagonally leaning bands. The liberally gilded piece renders the band of white enamelled chrysanthemums ever more potent, providing balance and contrast to the opulent use of gold. A notable area of this work is the band containing fan shaped cartouches, incorporating further details such as blooming irises and stylised floral designs. The unwinding movement of the bands is met with the rush of the one thousand painted butterflies that adorn the inside of the bowl.

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Dimensions(W)12.2 (D) 12.2 (D) 8 cm
SubjectAnimal & Birds, Flowers & Botanical
Product DateMeiji Period (1868-1912)