Goyo Hashiguchi, Beauty in Summer Kimono, Shin Hanga

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Goyo Hashiguchi (1880-1921)
Title: A Portrait of Tsuru Nakatani in Summer Kimono
Date: 1920
Dimensions: 28.9 x 44.7 cm
Edition: Goyo special edition [sealed goyo gentei ban]
Condition: Minor brown spot bottom left corner. Top margin trimmed. Minor pigment on right margin.

Tsuru Nakatani, Goyo's favourite model, rests before a mirror. Her gaze is caught by the viewer, confronting them directly with her eyes. Her thin summer garment lends further intimacy to the scene, its translucency revealing her breasts ever so subtly. The thickly applied mica background emits an ethereality that is counterbalanced by Goyo's use of Western realism, a form he studied under the master of Yoga [lit. Western-style painting] Kuroda Seiki (1866-1924). The treatment of light and shade shows Goyo's softer approach to drapery compared with his native predecessors. Veering away from bold outline, Goyo suggests the flowing kimono through subtle monochromatic alternations. This reworking of both Japanese and European artistic traditions into the woodblock print form propelled Goyo's designs into zeitgeists of Taisho Japan (1912–1926), despite his limited oeuvre and early death.

More Information
Artist Name Goyo Hashiguchi
Title A Portrait of Tsuru Nakatani in Summer Kimono
Subject Beauty & Female, Modern/Shin-Hanga
Dimensions 28.9 x 44.7 cm