Goyo Hashiguchi, Maiko in Kyoto, Beauty Portrait

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Original Japanese woodblock print. 

Artist: Goyo Hashiguchi (1880-1921)
Title: Maiko in Kyoto
Published: Posthumously printed by the Hashiguchi family circa 1950-1952

Dimensions: 45.1 x 31.3 cm


Signed 'Goyo ga' with circular artist’s seal Goyo.


Goyo Hashiguchi, a painter and printmaker, was one of the key artists of Shin Hanga (New Print) movement. Goyo published polychrome woodblock prints typified by “Woman Applying Make-up” and was renowned as “Utamaro of the Taisho era”. Meanwhile he also exerted himself to the project of Ukiyo-e masterpiece reproductions in order to popularise Ukiyo-e. Despite a small number of his works (only thirteen O-ban size prints), with its elegance and a great deal of subtlety, his beauty images have made Goyo highly appraised as one of the best Taisho artists in both Japan and overseas.


In this print, a young maiko (geiko apprentice) is seen here applying her make-up while looking into a small portable mirror. Her hair has been carved with exquisite detail and skill and is done in the traditional style of a young apprentice.

More Information
Artist Name Goyo Hashiguchi
Title Maiko in Kyoto
Subject Beauty & Female, Modern/Shin-Hanga, Kimono Design
Dimensions 45.1 x 31.3 cm