Imari Koro, Incense Burner

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Original Japanese antique. 

Title: Imari Kōrō Incense Burner
Date: 19th century
Dimensions: 10.2 x 12 cm
Condition: Wear consistent with age and use. Minor gilt loss. Brown specks from firing process.

A blue and white Imari kōrō incense burner, patterned with pomegranate motifs. Intricate open work circulates the globular body and lid, which rest above three scrolled feet painted with shishi.


Besotted with the novelty of these porcelain vessels, European traders began to commission Imari ware themselves from around the eighteenth century, melding Japanese tradition with a form and design more suitable to western tastes. The joint efforts of these merchants and artisans led to a boom in the European market for Imari ware to the extent that kilns in the Netherlands and Germany, such as Delftware and Meissen, began to imitate them. Showing a clear trajectory of cross cultural exchange, the extremely rich history of these wares marks over four hundred years of the Japanese porcelain industry, reflecting domestic innovation, as well as international taste and reception.

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Dimensions 10.2 x 12 cm
Product Date 19th century