Ito Shinsui, Beauty Adjusting Her Hairpin, Shin Hanga

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Ito Shinsui (1898-1972)
Title: Adjusting Her Hairpin
Series: Second Series of Modern Beauties
Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo
Date: 1936
Dimensions: 28.5 x 43.7 cm
Condition: Test print. Pinholes on left margin. Some mica abraded.

A closeup portrait of a beauty turned slightly towards her left. Her gaze elsewhere, Shinsui captures his model dreamily adjusting her green hairpin. The tameshizuri [lit. test print] seal on the back indicates the use of this print in the preliminary stage of Shinsui and his publisher Watanabe's collaboration for this design. Both rigorous with their desire for quality, the pair often went through the expensive process of testing and reworking their designs before publishing. Although, here the application of mica powder and the embossed sekigaha wave pattern on the inner layer of the model's kimono, place this trail edition close to the completed work. There are only a few discrepancies: the areas of black ink are rendered more thickly in the final version, masking the lighter white strokes of the model's hair. Furthermore, the preliminary print shows the model without rouge, leaving her face entirely white with oshiroi makeup.

More Information
Print Format Oban (Vertical)
Artist Name Shinsui Ito
Title Beauty Adjusting Her Hairpin
Subject Beauty & Female, Modern/Shin-Hanga
Dimensions 28.5 x 43.7 cm
Condition Report Test print. Pinholes on left margin. Some mica abraded.
Publisher Watanabe