Kakiemon Round Saucer, Red Plum Blossoms, Porcelain

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Title: Round Saucer with Plum Blossoms
Date: 17th century
Dimensions: (D) 10.9 (W) 10.7 (H) 2 cm


A small round saucer decorated with flowering plum blossoms by a stream.


This design in the kakiemon style is an artistic display of simplicity, compressing an entire landscape scene into pure motivic form. At the lowest point of the composition, a shallow stream is suggested by a rock surrounded by wavering strokes of cerulean enamel. The verdant bank gives rise to boldly blooming plum blossoms highlighted with golden accents. Perched on the upper branches, the bird’s plumage is also coloured in soft green and gold overglaze. Exemplified in this miniature piece, the novel asymmetrical arrangement and colour palette of the kakiemon style left a huge imprint on European porcelain taste and production, heavily influencing Meissen wares and Dutch Delft pottery in the eighteenth century.

More Information
Title Kakiemon Round Saucer with Red Plum Blossoms
Dimensions (D) 10.9 (W) 10.7 (H) 2 cm
Subject Flowers & Botanical
Product Date 17th century