Hokusai Katsushika, Manga, Geese

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Katsushika Hokusai (1760 - 1849)
Title: Geese
Series: Hokusai Manga Volume
Publisher: Toheki-do
Size: 22.6 x 26.9 cm
Condition Report: Binding holes. Two pages joined to form one, continuous image. Light creasing of corners.


This print is from the Hokusai Manga (sketches) series published in 15 volumes. The first volume of the series was intended as a drawing instruction manual but Hokusai almost immediately removed the text and republished the drawings alone. The series took Hokusai on an encyclopedic venture, from seemingly insignificant depictions of everyday objects to spirits and historical figures.


Hokusai studies the motion of a variety of birds in downward flight. Geese take centre-stage, as they would in some of Hokusai's exquisite paintings in his later career. Before attempting complex compositions of birds in flight, such as this one, Hokusai also studied the movements of birds (and other animals) in sketches removed from context. The downward trajectory of the birds in this print brings the viewer's gaze from right to left, following the direction in which Japanese is read. This invites the viewer to wonder where the birds are so determined to go.


More Information
Artist Name Hokusai Katsushika
Title Geese
Subject Animal & Birds
Dimensions 22.6 x 26.9 cm