Kiyochika Kobayashi, Night Attack by Japanese Army against the Chinese Camp at Pyongyang


Artist: Kiyochika Kobayashi (1847-1915)
Title: Night Attack by Japanese Army against the Chinese Camp at Pyongyang(我軍平壌の清営を襲う)
Publisher: Matsuki Heikichi
Date: 1894
Size: (L)24.9 x 36 (C)24.8 x 35.9 (R)25 x 36 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Battle triptychs were produced in large numbers during the Sino-Japanese (1894 - 1895) and Russo-Japanese wars (1904 - 1905) to satisfy widespread interest in the progress of the imperial army and maintain popular support for the conflicts. The prints idealised the heroism of Japanese troops risking their lives for the emperor. As the demand for traditional woodblock prints fell in the Meiji era, many artists turned to wartime propaganda to make ends meet.

Kiyochika Kobayashi

Born in Edo, Kiyochika was the son of a minor government official. He studied Western oil painting under Charles Wirgman and Japanese style painting with Kawanabe Kyosai and Shibata Zeshin. Influenced by imported lithographs and etchings, he turned to woodblock printing. He as also an illustrator for books, magazines and newspapers, having reported and depicted the Ruso-Japanese War of 1894 – 1895. In his prints, he produced views of contemporary Tokyo as it changed under the impact of Western influences. Although he was unable to revitalise the ukiyo-e style, he is considered the last of the important ukiyo-e printmakers.

More Information
Print FormatTriptych
ArtistKiyochika Kobayashi
Dimensions(L)24.9 x 36 (C)24.8 x 35.9 (R)25 x 36 cm
Condition ReportPencil note at the top, small thin area on the right panel.