Kiyotada Torii IV, Tattooed Ronin, Shikishi

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Original Japanese watercolour shikishi.

Artist: Kiyotada Torii IV (1875-1941)
Title: Tattooed Ronin
Date: c. 20th century
Dimensions: 24 x 27.1 cm
Condition: Foxing and backing.

Watercolour shikishi.

The scene depicted here is one of kabuki's most famous episodes, the 'Nagamachi noura no ba' (Back Street Scene in Nagamachi) from the kabuki play 'Summer Festival, Mirror of Osaka'. Overcome with rage, Danshichi, his knotted hair falling to his shoulders, strips down to a red loincloth, revealing his tattooed body. After a fight with his father-in-law, he ends up murdering the older man with a thrust of his sword, then washes splattered blood and muddy handprints from his body using water from a nearby well. He escapes the scene of the crime by mingling with the large crowd of festival celebrants.

More Information
Print Format Shikishiban
Title Tattoed Ronin
Subject Kabuki Theatre, Tattoo
Dimensions 24 x 27.1 cm