Koson Ohara, Roaring Tiger, Animal

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Title: Roaring Tiger Near Rocks
Artist: Koson Ohara (1877-1945)
Publisher: Daikoku-ya
Date: Early 20th century
Dimensions: 19.0 x 36.9 cm
Condition: Stains at the bottom of the print.


A tiger roars in its bare surroundings. Koson positions the animal in the form of a fine grey background rendered with bokashi gradation. The artist's tendency to employ woodgrain for the atmosphere is used effectively here to show the light shining from the right of the scene. Although the tiger was a traditional subject in Japanese scroll and screen painting, woodblock prints depicting tigers are but few within Koson's oeuvre.

More Information
Artist Name Koson Ohara
Title Roaring Tiger Near Rocks
Subject Animal & Birds, Modern/Shin-Hanga
Dimensions 19.0 x 36.9 cm