Paul Binnie, Cat in the Rain, Ame ni Neko

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Artist: Paul Binnie (1967-)
Title: Ame Ni Neko (Cat in the rain)
Edition: 28/100
Date: 2013
Size: 32.8 x 12.8 cm
Condition report: Faint creases in the bottom corners of the margin.

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Paul Binnie (born May 27, 1967) is a Scottish painter and printmaker known for his colourful woodblock prints. He studied printmaking under the master printer of Doi-Hangaten on the recommendation of artist Toshi Yoshida. Binnie has exhibited widely in such places as Tokyo, Paris, London and New York, and his works are in many collections, such as the British Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art. In his works, he skillfully combines Japanese culture with Western ideas.

On contrary to the general belief that cats dislike water, the one pictured by Paul Binnie seems to be enjoying his time outside in the rainy weather. The cat and its blurry reflection in the water admirably contrast with the fainter area of the bokashi (gradation) background, whilst the straight spouts of rain are vividly presented on the darker part.

More Information
Print Format Other
Artist Name Paul Binnie
Title Ame Ni Neko (Cat in the rain)
Subject Animal & Birds
Dimensions 32.8 x 12.8 cm
Condition Report Faint creases in the bottom corners of the margin.