Paul Binnie, Dawn Moon, Gyogetsu, Contemporary

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Paul Binnie (1967 -)
Title: Gyogetsu (Dawn Moon)
Edition: 22/50
Date: 2002
Size: 31.0 x 11.5 cm
Condition report: Minor ink spots around the margins.


Paul Binnie (born May 27, 1967) is a Scottish painter and printmaker known for his colourful woodblock prints. He studied printmaking under the master printer of Doi-Hangaten on the recommendation of artist Toshi Yoshida. Binnie has exhibited widely in such places as Tokyo, Paris, London and New York, and his works are in many collections, such as the British Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art. In his works, he skillfully combines Japanese culture with Western ideas.


Moon brightly gleams on a darkening sky. Clouds faintly illuminate its brightness, causing the Moon to be the focal point of attention. This hosoban size image was printed in extensive bokashi (gradation) in a more time-consuming process than the other cloud prints of Paul Binnie.

More Information
Print Format Oban (Vertical)
Artist Name Paul Binnie
Title Gyogetsu (Dawn Moon)
Subject Landscapes, Contemporary
Dimensions 31.0 x 11.5 cm
Publisher Self Published