Paul Binnie, Spring, Beauty with Umbrella

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Artist: Paul Binnie (1967-)
Title: Spring A/P
Series: The Four Seasons
Date: 2005
Dimensions: 49.5 × 32.9 cm
Condition: Excellent.

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Beauties with umbrellas are a common theme in the prints of the floating world. In this print, Paul Binnie has consciously looked to the past for ideas, while bringing the style of the piece somehow into the modern world. Baren sujizuri, line printing with the edge of the baren, is used in the background to suggest rain, along with streaks of mica powder.

The young lady wears a lush, colourful kimono with a cherry blossom pattern and her hair is neatly tied into a bun, a few strands having fallen loose due to the inclement spring weather.

More Information
Print Format Dai-Oban
Artist Name Paul Binnie
Title Spring A/P
Subject Beauty & Female, Kimono Design
Dimensions 49.5 × 32.9 cm
Condition Report Excellent.
Publisher Self Published