Paul Binnie, White Cat, Nude, Contemporary

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Artist: Paul Binnie (1967-)
Title: White Cat (24/30)
Date: 2004
Edition: 24/30
Condition: Excellent condition.
Size: 29.1 x 42.7 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print. 

Non tattoo version of Kuniyoshi's Cats. Binnie also produced prints from the series 'One Hundred Shades of Ink of Edo' without tattoos for those who might prefer straightforward nude versions alone while changing the colour scheme. The white cat here was a Siamese in the tattoo version, but the gofun (white pigment) shows up the embossing of the cat's fur very well.

More Information
Print Format Dai-Oban
Artist Name Paul Binnie
Title White Cat (24/30)
Subject Samurai & Male, Shunga Erotica, Contemporary
Dimensions 29.1 x 42.7 cm
Condition Report Excellent condition.
Publisher Self Published