Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, Inuzuka and Inukai Fight Atop a Pavillion, Hakkenden, Vertical Diptych, Ukiyo-e


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Artist: Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839 – 1892)
Title: Inuzuka and Inukai Fight Atop a Pavillion
Publisher: Hasegawa Tsunejiro
Date: 1885
Size: : (T) 24.6 x 35.8 (B) 24.3 x 37.6 cm

Condition: Top – slight glue residue on bottom edge. Left and right edge slightly wrinkled. Small repair on the back, bottom right. Bottom – Left edge restored. Pinhole within the print. Top print has left colour impression on top edge of bottom print. Trimmed edges.

This print shows a scene from the “Tale of Eight Dogs”, in which the brothers Inuzuka and Inukai can be seen fighting atop a pagoda. Yoshitoshi’s talent for depiction of movement and gesture brings the two characters two life, while the artist’s choice of color and detail infuse the setting with depth and gravity.

The tale of eight dogs is a fantastical tale full of battles, adventure and drama. It tells the story of eight siblings, half human and half dog, who are separated at birth after their mother is killed by the villain of the tale.
In this print, the brothers Inuzuka and Inukai are unaware of their relation and fight each other, even though their mutual goal is to be reunited with their siblings.
They are shown to be fighting on the roof of Koga Castle.

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