You will find background information about Japanese antiques, art and culture in this section of the website. 


An introduction to Japanese woodblock printing can be found in the ukiyo-e section. It will be supplemented with more information on the history of ukiyo-e, print sizes, how prints are made, artists’ biographies and a history of manga comics over time.


Visit the antiques section for more information on three dimensional Japanese art. It contains information on Japanese ceramics, such as Arita, Kakiemon, Satsuma, Kutani and Banko. There is also a brief introduction to Japanese Lacquerware, Inro and Netsuke to be found.


We also have a glossary of terms that are often used in Japanese art, a section to watch educational videos and a blog to keep you updated with events and exhibitions of Japanese Gallery Kensington.


We hope you find this section useful.