Satsuma Kogo, Porcelain Incense Box

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Original Japanese antique.

Title: Satsuma Kogo (incense box)
Date: 19th century
Size: (D) 9.3 x (W) 9.3 x (H) 3.1 cm
Condition: Minor stains, small chip inside of the bottom case, some gilt loss, minor firing flaw.

A covered incense box decorated in polychrome and gilt over a clear, crackled glaze with figures on the lid and flowers on the inside. Kodo, the art of appreciating Japanese incense is counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement, along with kado for flower arrangement, and chado for tea and the tea ceremony.

Typical Meiji Satsuma is a creamy glazed earthenware, covered with miniature decorative motifs, such as women, samurai, Japanese gods or immortals, as well as flowers, animals and landscapes. These images were elaborately produced by hand: painted in enamel, glazed, gilded, and finally fired in a kiln.

Characterized by detailed landscapes and decorative motifs, satsuma ceramics were a new form of intricate artwork. The early artworks were so detailed that one would need the aid of a magnification glass to appreciate the fine miniature paint-work.

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Dimensions (D) 9.3 x (W) 9.3 x (H) 3.1 cm
Product Date 19th century