Tetsuya Abe, Dragons, Blue & Purple, Luck, Contemporary

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Original Japanese ink painting.

Artist: Tetsuya Abe (1967 -)
Title: Dragons Painting with "Luck" (福)
Published: by the artist
Date: 21st century
Dimensions: (w)70.1 cm x (h)35 cm


Tetsuya Abe (1967-) is an artist famed for his Dragon paintings.


His father started the tradition of drawing dragons with one stroke, near the shrine in Nikko in 1954. Subsequently, he passed down his unique technique to his son, Tetsuya Abe, and in doing so enabled this dutiful art form to continue until today. Abe’s Dragons show dynamism within the heart and soul.


The whole body of the Dragon is painted using one rhythmic stroke filled with an intense finesse.


Dragons have been considered sacred creatures since ancient times in Japan as they are said to bring peace, happiness, and longevity to the family.

More Information
Artist Name Tetsuya Abe
Title Dragons Painting with "Luck" (福)
Subject Animal & Birds, Contemporary
Dimensions 70.1 cm x 35 cm