Toyokuni I Utagawa, Onoe Eizaburo as Yoshi the Viper, Tattoo Design

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Artist: Toyokuni I Utagawa (1769–1825)
Title: Onoe Eizaburo as Yoshi the Viper
Publisher: unspecified 
Date: 1809
Size: 38.1 x 25.6 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Toyokuni Utagawa was one of the greatest masters of woodblock printing of the 18th century and is known even today for his images of beautiful women (bijinga) and actors (yakusha-e). During his time as the head of the Utagawa school of printmaking, he influenced numerous artists of the next generation, impacting the direction in which woodblock print designs would evolve in the 19th century. Even though beauty prints made up the body of work of his early career, Toyokuni really came into fame once he moved his focus to depicting stage actors. Posters advertising kabuki plays and portraits of favourite actors were in high demand with adoring fans to the point that the artist grew unable to keep up with the growing amount of orders. This led to an increased number of students at the Utagawa school and caused people to believe that Toyokuni was the founder of the school when it was actually Toyoharu. Nonetheless, Toyokuni should be credited with shaping the Utagawa school into a well-run artistic enterprise.

More Information
Print Format Oban (Vertical)
Artist Name Toyokuni I Utagawa
Title Onoe Eizaburo as Yoshi the Viper
Subject Kabuki Theatre, Tattoo
Dimensions 38.1 x 25.6 cm
Condition Report Restored edges, small holes, creases.