Toyokuni III Utagawa, Nakamura Fukusuke, Tattoo Design

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada I (Toyokuni III) (1786 - 1864)
Title: Actor Nakamura Fukusuke II
Series: A Modern Water Margin (Kinsei Suikoden)
Publisher: Iseya Kanekichi
Date: 1861
Size: 37.4 x 25.2 cm
Condition: Minor spots and very light soiling.

Actor Nakamura Fukusuke II portrayed as Sasagawa Higezo, the upper body with a dragon tattoo and his kimono adorned with bats.


This print series by Kunisada, given the deliberately vague title 'A Modern Water Margin', shows famous actors in imaginary roles loosely based on the members of a real-life group of outlaws. Their story was too close to present-day reality to be permitted as a play or printed book, but circulated in printed woodblocks.

More Information
Artist Name Toyokuni III Utagawa (Kunisada I)
Title Actor Nakamura Fukusuke II
Subject Samurai & Male
Condition Report Minor spots and very light soiling.
Dimensions 37.4 x 25.2 cm
Publisher Iseya Kanekichi