Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, Eager Shopping, Thirty-two Aspects of Customs and Manners

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Artist: Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839-1892)
Title: 'Kaitasou' A woman of the Kaei era (1848-1854) eager shopping
Series: Fuzoku Sanjuniso (Thirty-two Aspects of Customs and Manners)
Publisher: Tsunashima Kamekichi
Date: 1888
Dimensions: 23.9 x 35.5 cm
Condition: Slightly trimmed.

First edition print. 


A well-to-do proprietress of an establishment is out shopping wrapped in a warm winter robe. A spray of plum blossoms emerges from the right-hand side pointing the viewer to the season. As the cold months draw to close, the lady looks to buy an adonis, also known as the Japanese pheasant eye. The resilient flower blooms in icy climates, able to add colour to the white veil of a winter garden. Purchasing one was considered auspicious before the new year of the Lunar calendar, although she hesitates to choose one.

More Information
Artist Name Yoshitoshi Tsukioka
Title A woman of the Kaei era (1848-1854) eager shopping
Subject Beauty & Female
Condition Report Slightly trimmed.
Dimensions 23.9 x 35.5 cm