Wooden Netsuke, Chokaro Sennin

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Wooden netsuke of Chokaro Sennin.

Date: 19th century
Dimensions: (H) 3.3 x (W) 3 x (D) 2.6 cm
Condition: Well-worn with most areas showing aged wood patina. Harder to reach areas such as Chokaro's front body are darker, with more residue gathered in the small carved lines.

This netsuke is of Chokaro Sennin, one of the eight immortals of Taoism (hasse), a group of sages (sennin) who originated from China in the 14th century. He is depicted sitting on his right leg with his left arm resting on his bent left leg while holding a gourd on his back. He is dressed in a robe with a cape, with mugwort leaves on his shoulders and underneath his sash. Legend says that the gourd he carries produced a magic mule that could, when required, carry him thousands of miles in a single day and then put it again in the gourd.

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Dimensions (H) 3.3 x (W) 3 x (D) 2.6 cm
Product Date 19th century