Wooden Netsuke, Fukurojuku, Lucky God

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Wooden netsuke of Lucku God Fukurokuju.

Date: 19th century
Size: (H) 3.2 cm x (W) 4 cm x (D) 2 cm

Original Japanese antique.

This netsuke is made entirely out of wood and shows one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, Fukurokuju. He is the deity of wisdom, good luck, happiness, wealth, virility and longevity. In here, he is holding a scroll with his left hand and is looking at a tortoise sitting on his lap.


Fukurokuju is also connected with the old Chinese sage Lao Tzu, the imperial archives keeper from the Sung dynasty, and is said to perform miracles. Dressed in a long Chinese robe, he is sometimes seen wearing a scholar's cap. He supports himself with a walking stick with a makimono scroll tied onto it. The scroll contains sacred teachings and all the wisdom of the world. Fukurokuju often fans himself with ogi, a ceremonial fan. He has a long white beard—implying wisdom—and a high, dome-shaped bald head. Usually, Fukurokuju is accompanied by a deer, tortoise or crane. All of these animals symbolise longevity.

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Dimensions (H) 3.2 cm x (W) 4 cm x (D) 2 cm
Condition Report The item is well-worn, with external areas showing aged wood patina. Residue in the harder to reach areas. Small crack through the left leg, going up through the tortoise.
Product Date 19th century

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