Wooden Netsuke, Hotei, Lucky God

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Original Japanese antique. 

Wooden netsuke of lucky god Hotei.


Date: 19th century
Dimensions: (H) 3.7 x (W) 3.4 x (D) 1.7 cm
Condition: Well-worn with external areas showing aged wood patina. Some residue on Hotei and the servant's left shoulder.


This netsuke made entirely out of wood depicts Hotei, one of The Seven Gods of Fortune (Shichifukujin). These gods are probably the best known among many characters of Buddhist origin that were adopted in Japan and became a popular subject for netsuke. Hotei is the god of fortune, guardian of children, patron of barmen and also the god of popularity. He is associated with wealth and prosperity and was usually worn by merchants as a talisman for a good business. The netsuke shows a smiling Hotei holding a Chinese shaped fan in his right hand. His left hand is holding a cup in which a kind looking servant is pouring a drink from a gourd.

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Dimensions (H) 3.7 x (W) 3.4 x (D) 1.7 cm
Product Date 19th century