Yabu Meizan, Plate with Maple Tree, Satsuma Ceramics

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Original Japanese woodblock print.

Artist: Yabu Meizan (1853–1934)
Title: Plate with Maple Tree
Date: Early 20th century
Dimensions: (D) 18.3 (H) 2.5 cm


A small plate decorated with a freely drawn maple tree. Signed on the base in a gilt square 'Yabu Meizan'.


This particularly favourite motif of Yabu Meizan is redolent with autumnal warmth. The burnt umber of the trunk is enlivened by the fine tracing in gold leaf along the cracks and creases of the bark, whilst the gilded veins of the maple leaves create an amber glow representative of Meizan’s work of this subject. A gradual shift in season is suggested by the greener leaves yet unturned, as well as those in the process of transitioning with their paler, golden hues.

More Information
Title Plate with Maple Tree
Artist Name Yabu Meizan
Dimensions (D) 18.3 (H) 2.5 cm
Subject Flowers & Botanical
Product Date early 20th century