Yabu Meizan, Small Long Necked Satsuma Vase

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Original Japanese woodblock print.
Artist: Yabu Meizan (1853–1934)
Title: Chrysanthemum Vase
Date: Early 20th century
Dimensions: (W) 6.6  (D) 6.6 (H) 12.5 cm
Small long necked vase decorated with trailing chrysanthemums. Signed on the base in a gilt square 'Yabu Meizan'.
The asymmetrical composition and freer painting style in this piece is indicative of Meizan’s later works. The white chrysanthemums and their smaller variety, kogiku, have been rendered in relief with varying shades of white. Delicately gilded leaf veins unify the natural arrangement. The lip is banded with blue enamel and stylised purple flowers, providing a hint of contrast to the autumnal spray and creamy crackled satsuma glaze.
More Information
Title Chrysanthemum Vase
Artist Name Yabu Meizan
Dimensions (W) 6.6 (D) 6.6 (H) 12.5 cm
Subject Flowers & Botanical
Product Date Early 20th century