Yoshitaki Utagawa, Kabuki Play, Otoko Ippiki Sukui no Tatehiki


Artist: Yoshitaki Utagawa (1841-1899)
Title: Kabuki Play, Otoko Ippiki Sukui no Tatehiki
Publisher: No seal
Date: 1862
Size: (L)25 x 18 (R)24.9 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Yoshitaki Utagawa

As a printmaker, Yoshitaki worked both in Edo and Osaka. Yoshitaki was the most prolific designer of woodblock prints in Osaka from the 1860s to the 1880s, producing more than 1,200 different prints, almost all of kabuki actors.

More Information
Print FormatDiptych
ArtistYoshitaki Utagawa
SubjectKabuki Theatre, Kamigata-e/Osaka-e
Dimensions(L)25 x 18 (R)24.9 cm
Condition ReportVertical centrefolds, thin area with minor paper loss on the right, paper residue on the back.