Yoshitsuya Utagawa, Kidomaru Sorcerer, Magic


Artist: Yoshitsuya Utagawa (1822-1866)
Title: Kidomaru
Series: An Assortment of Magic in Great Japan
Publisher: Kameya Iwakichi
Date: 1861
Dimensions: 24.7 x 35.8 cm

Original Japanese woodblock print.

Kidomaru was a famous bandit sorcerer who learned magic from a tengu, a winged mythical creature that had the ability to train martial arts as well as shapeshifting. In this print, Kidomaru used his magic to transform something into a large hawk. He is holding a scroll in his hand and his extravagant clothes are in tune with his otherworldly nature. Sorcerers and magic are common themes in ukiyo-e. Yoshitsuya's teacher, Kuniyoshi Utagawa, was also fond of the supernatural and many of this prints present unusual and mythical characters.

Yoshitsuya Utagawa

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Print FormatOban (Vertical)
ArtistYoshitsuya Utagawa
SubjectSamurai & Male, Ghosts & Religion, Animal & Birds
Dimensions24.7 x 35.8 cm
Condition ReportTrimmed.
PublisherKameya Iwakichi