Shoji Hamada, Stoneware Bottle


Artist: Shoji Hamada (1894-1978)
Title: Stoneware Bottle
Date: Shōwa Period (1926 - 1989)
Dimensions: (H) 22.6 x (W) 15.4 x (D) 9.3cm


Original Japanese Antique.

Hamada was particularly inspired by Korean and Okinawan ceramics, which is showcased here with the use of iron glaze brush decoration over a Nuka (wood ash) glaze on a stoneware body. The rectangular shape of the bottle would have been hand built, but Hamada predominantly used the wheel to create his ceramics.

Shoji Hamada

Designated as a Living National Treasure in 1955, Hamada was famed for his return to folk crafts (mingei), establishing the small town of Mashiko as a centre of pottery. Hamada espoused simplicity of form in his works, particularly notable in his sugar cane motifs that decorate the lighter segments of the grid design of the vase. Such brushwork was a meditative feat; by expelling any pretentiousness or preconceived artistic ideals in his works, Hamada strived to reach a style and feeling of innocence through his craft.

More Information
ArtistShoji Hamada
Dimensions(H) 22.6 x (W) 15.4 x (D) 9.3cm
Product DateShowa Period (1926 - 1989)