Kunisada III Utagawa, Kabuki Play, Kami no Megumi Wago no Torikumi

Artist: Kochoro / Kunisada III Utagawa (1848-1920)
Title: Kabuki Play, Kami no Megumi Wago no Torikumi
Publisher: Tsunashima Kamekichi
Date: 1900
Size: (L)35.1 x 23.8 (C)35.1 x 23.9 (R)35.1 x 23.6 cm


Original Japanese woodblock print.

A distinctive clothing accessory of the Edo townsmen was the tenugui, a hand-towel commonly worn around the neck or used as a headband by the tattooed otokodate and firemen. These towels, called mameshibori tenugui, had a blue polka-dot pattern resembling beans (mame). These were also adopted and worn by heroes of the kabuki stage playing the otokodate roles, as seen in this image.

Kunisada III Utagawa

Utagawa Kunisada III was an ukiyo-e printmaker of the Utagawa school, specializing in yakusha-e (pictures of kabuki actors). He began studying under Utagawa Kunisada I at the age of 10, and continued under Kunisada II after their master's death. He originally signed his prints ‘Kunimasa’ or ‘Baido Kunimasa’. About 1889, he began signing his prints ‘Kunisada’, ‘Baido Kunisada’ or ‘Kochoro Kunisada’. By 1892, he was using ‘Hosai’, ‘Kochoro Hosai’, ‘Baido Hosai’, and ‘Utagawa Hosai’.

More Information
Print FormatTriptych
ArtistKunisada III Utagawa
SubjectKabuki Theatre, Tattoo Design
Dimensions(L)35.1 x 23.8 (C)35.1 x 23.9 (R)35.1 x 23.6 cm
Condition ReportSmall thin areas, pinholes.